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Reset your Hotmail Password without Security Question

  05, 2017 20:36
Hotmail is the most consisting free web based email service which is widely used due to its fast user interactive features and functions which are very helpful for the users in managing their email account. It is very appropriate platform for the people to setup their own email account at free of cost and accesses it to accomplish their work and communicating with friends and relatives. It is favorable of the millions of users and they prefer this email service as the best to access the desired mailing activities. At sometimes, users may forget their password due to which they don’t get access to access their email account any longer. So, you need to get the measures to resolve this kind of problem. With healing email address with no longer been accessed for beyond a few years and has been inactive for now in addition to remember the answer of the secret questions. But you may need to get connect with the Hotmail Contact Number to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve this issue and give you access to use your email account again.

This problem is a pretty common one for the people who are regarded for looking after a couple of email account right away. When you also forget the answers of your desired secret questions, and you not able to login to your email account, then you may need to connect with the tech support team to know about the measures and procedure to recover the Hotmail password without answering the secret questions. You can get optimum solutions and useful measures to recover the password.

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Hotmail password help

Observe the below listed measures to recover your password:

  • At first, open the official website of the Hotmail.

  • Then you may click on the given option of Forget Password and then you may click on the Next button.

  • Then you may type the username in the given field of email.
  • .
  • Now type the captured code which is located inside the picture, into the code next field.

  • Click on the Next button.

  • Then you may select the option of Email in an effort to get recovery information to your primary email address that related to your Hotmail Account.

  • Now open your primary email account to check the verification code or Reset Password link. In case you obtain that message or password then you may click on it.

  • Now you may be brought on to the next web page, in you can easily rest your password.

  • Now you may enter on the New Password.

  • Then enter on the option of Verify password.

  • Then finally click on the Next button.

After observing the above brilliant mentioned measures you can easily recover your Hotmail password without giving answer to the security questions. In case, you are facing any problem while performing the measures then you will need to take stern steps to resolve the all problems. For this, you can contact to the Hotmail Helpline Number UK 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues with the help of third party technical experts. You can also get 24*7 help and support by the technical experts to settle down your all issues.

Easy Tips to Find Your Lost Friend in AOL Mail Account

  09, 2017 16:24
The headway in technology has made it conceivable to follow individuals with their email addresses. Despite the fact that you may not succeed each time but rather you may find a friend which is reason enough to trying.

Web has advanced far as far back as the origin and it has turned out to be a standout amongst the most amazing fields with noteworthy changes happening every month. This wide medium of association has helped many individuals to investigate and find solid bonds, friendship, in this virtual world and some of them are significantly more grounded as contrasted and the ordinary physical world. However, not every encouraging connection wind up being strong and many fade away in insensibility and regardless of the possibility that you need to restore six months or a year old connection then additionally it turn out to be quite difficult to trace somebody with only an email id. You could really take a stab at following these special individuals with the assistance of continually developing web technology and with the AOL mail offer assistance.

Find lost friends in aol mail

You can likewise look for the help of web or search engines like Google that will lead you with the innovation that can backtrack to discover or accumulate the related data. This begins with the finding of the data that the client gives while registering to the e-mail services and this information or data can turn out to be very useful in finding the specific individual. Once in a while, you can access the other email and you can discover the individual on that email.

You should not quit attempting really in light of the fact that you couldn’t follow the individual in spite of making a decent attempt. You should simply to begin a new and refine your search or you can likewise look for the AOL Support Number by paying some ostensible expenses. Higher charges are demanded for more thought hunt and you ought to give the organization the craved data other than the expenses to begin. All things considered, however the innovation is new and includes database looks still you ought not to get watchful in light of the fact that the way toward seeking (from the client’s point of view) is fairly straightforward and easy to use as well. This is in its infant arrange and many firms are taking a shot at this innovation so that coveted changes might be accomplished for simple looking or searching. Looking is dependably a tedious job so you ought to have tolerance and when you discover your companion or friend that was lost in the quick life then the sheer joy will be justified regardless of the considerable number of endeavors.

The AOL Technical Support Number can be profited effortlessly without setting off to vendor’s place or sitting tight for the tech fellow to land at your place. The tech specialists quickly convey the adept help over mobile phone or online whichever best suits you. The specialists make the remote access to recognize the issue and in no time they settle the blunders with the goal that they are quickly and for all time upgraded without even a second’s pause. The online technical executives help over phone, remote access, live chat and online guides the client in most ideal route as client doesn’t have to drive all way and sacrifice his troubles. Third party AOL mail support service is 24 hours and 7 days available for providing suitable and effective solution to solve your aol mail related issues in quick time.

Why to Choose Yahoo Mail Service?

  22, 2017 16:48
As Yahoo is widely popular and well known email service, this is mostly used in the entire world. It is very brilliant as it serves a free web based email service to all its users. It provides a perfect and fast user friendly interface to all its users to send and receive email to friends and relatives. It is very necessary for the users that they got a suitable and fast email service as they can use it to manage their work of professional as well as of personal.

In search of a good email service, Yahoo is the most appropriate email service which fulfills the all desire of the users with their email account. There is also a brilliant service available for their user is tech support service which provides help to its users at anytime. Yahoo Customer Service Number is the promising problem solving service to the users by which you can get the solutions of your any email related problem. You can instantly get the solution of your any problem after connecting with the support service. They will give you proper and appropriate help by giving measures to fix down any kind of problem. So, it is clear that it is the best email service available for the users to create their email account to send and receive emails and much more in an easy manner.

Yahoo email service

There are lots of additionally features and functions are also available for the users to give them proper access to the users to setup their email account according to their wish. It is most important thing that you can get a storage space to save your files and documents. It gives a huge online storage space to store your files. Many services are also serves for you to make you comfortable with your email account while accessing.

There are the following some facts of the yahoo email service which makes it perfect email service.

  • The 24 hour tech help support is very helpful to the users. If your email account is blocked or if any kind of problem is occurred in your email account then you want to get connect with support service to get the measures to settle down your problems with related to your email account.
  • It provides proper safety and security to the users to protect their data from any other unknown user.
  • Whenever you lost your contacts, then there are also some functions provided to users to recover their lost data.
  • It prevents your email account from viruses and Trojans to get enter your email account.
  • It provides a perfect provision for attaching the documents of size limit up to 25 MB. You can share any file of any format with your friends and relatives.
  • You must be amazed that yahoo mail supports 30 different types of languages to adjust on the need of the users.
  • It provides very fast and easy access to perform any task with superb speed.

  • So, the all above mentioned points are the basic features of Yahoo mail service, there are also many useful features which help the users. Therefore, it is the most suitable email service to create an email account and run to perform your desired tasks. In case you find any difficulty or you face any kind of problem then you may contact to the Yahoo Customer Support Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant support and perfect solutions by the technical experts to fix down your problem in an easy way. You can get support at anytime.

Yahoo support number

AOL Support - Embed a YouTube Video in an AOL Mail

  14, 2017 18:16
Sending a video via AOL mail is a good way for you to instantly share videos along with your buddies and family. But you just can't add the address YouTube video to the email, you need to capture a photo of the video, and upload it to the email before you send. Computer and Mac users can embed their YouTube motion pictures in an AOL email with the aid of taking a screenshot of the video, pasting the screenshot in the email message, and linking it directly to the internet page of video. AOL Customer Service Number helps you in embedding a video in your email.

Youtube video in aol mail

Following are the instructions to embed video in your email:
1.) Visit to the official website of YouTube. Choose and click on the particular video which you would really like to send.
2.) Permit the video play to a component that you may use for a screenshot. Click the "Pause" button or click without delay on the video screen to pause it.
3.) Now take a screenshot. For pc users, tap on the “Ctrl” + “Prt Sc” buttons in your keyboard to perform a screen capture. If you are using a Mac, tap on the "Shift" + "Command" + "3" all on the same time.
4.) Now open a brand new report in Microsoft Paint, or a similar picture modifying application.
5.) Now you may paste that screenshot into the document. Save the photo as a JPEG or GIF.
6.) Now open a brand new tab or window in your browser, and visit the internet site of your AOL Mail.
7.) Now you may Sign in to your account. Click on "Compose" in the top left side of the website.
8.) After this, a drop-down menu will seem on the display. Then click on the option of "Mail".
9.) Input the email addresses of people in the "To" box that you would really like to send your YouTube video.
10.) Enter an outline of your email inside the Subject box. For pc users, tap on the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons to paste the photograph into the message field of the email. Mac customers should tap on the "Command" and "V" to do the same.
11.) Now, pick out the image by using your mouse. Click on the button of "Link" which is on the toolbar of AOL Mail.
12.) Now copy and Paste the web address of the video in the box of "Link To”.
13.) Click on "Send". While your friends obtain the email, and click on the play button, they will be taken to the URL of video automatically.

Therefore, if you face any trouble in doing embedding YouTube video in your email then you can contact to AOL Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant and best solution of your every query at anytime.

Aol support number, customer service, contact number

How to identify the suitable DELL Printer Drivers?

  06, 2017 16:41
DELL is one amongst the biggest pc producing companies these days and is counted among the highest 3 vendors of PCs within the whole of the world. The corporate company has created quite a name for itself within the printer manufacturing. It sets the corporate except all the remainder is that the quality of its product and conjointly the after-sales services that area unit delivered with utmost dedication each single time. Dell printers are the most precise due to the support of Dell Customer Service Number, which helps the users to use the dell printers easily.

Dell printer support

How to obtain the appropriate Dell printer drivers:
If you have got recently bought a printer, you need to have also got a driver installation CD packed on within the dell printer. This driver CD is what helps your pc establish that the device you're attempting to connect with it's truly a dell printer and would then proceed consequently. Otherwise it will not be able to even tell the kind of device it is, in addition to work beside it. With developments in technology, newer versions of your operating systems keep starting, and with them newer versions of printer drivers also are brought out from time to time, and therefore having access to the newest for those either by browsing on-line on your own or via official Dell Printer facilitate for your device is often important.

Where you can get your Dell printer drivers:
You would sometimes realize the installation disk for your Dell Printer drivers packed within your Dell printer that you will use to integrate an equivalent along with your computer system. But it is also possible that the Dell printer that you purchased was of older version, and also the pc OS you presently have put in might not be compatible with it, unless you transfer newer driver versions and have them installed in your pc.

How to obtain latest version of Dell printer drivers:

But then however are you able to tell the correct printer driver from the incorrect one? That is sometimes not that a lot of a task too if you recognize a way to try this. For example, you will visit the Dell Printer Support official page then compare the motive force version of your printer and also the one out there on the support page. Doing this may provide you with a plan if the one that you simply have is latest or not, and if it is not then you'll either kindle CD for an equivalent from the corporate or transfer the correct drivers from the web site itself. You must conjointly confirm to stay a check on the updated printer drivers whenever one is being discharged, so you'll make sure that you usually have access to the newest ones all the time.

In case of any trouble, you can contact Dell Support Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solution of you any problem.

Dell support number, contact phone number

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